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Discussion in 'Professional Chefs' started by shaneon77, Sep 19, 2017.

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    Hi all, I am a chef of over 20 years experience. Currently a group executive of a gastropub group in Ireland and beginning to slow down in my old age. I have experience in most aspects of catering and an open mind to new challenges.
    I am hoping to convert all my kitchens to a 4 day working week encompassing 4x 10-12 hour shifts.
    It is easy in a couple of places but one place (the busiest i manage) is proving difficult.
    It is open for service for 12 hours per day - breakfast, lunch and dinner.
    All chefs currently get a breakfast shift to ensure 3 evenings off per week.
    I have a good number of part timers also but am hoping somebody here has experience writing rotas for the above scenario to ensure fairness.
    I still work shifts but will need to cover 5 days myself.
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    I applaud your efforts to treat your employees well. That is too rare in this business.
    I don't know what rotas are. Do you mean schedules?
    Anyway, a bit more information about your business needs might help one of us answer your question about the "above scenario".
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    How many cooks do you have in total? How many cooks do you need during a shift? Can every cook do every job in the kitchen? Are all the cooks paid by the hour? Do the days off need to be consecutive?

    I went through possibly a similar scenario, but without the above information, I can offer no help.