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    I heard a chef on TV say that you can actually age your meat in your fridge. Is this true? How would one go about it and overcome the lack of of moisture control in most standard fridges? (...this could save me a lot of $$$!)
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    I aged a standing rib roast in my fridge for five days, using guidelines from Cook's Illustrated. Made for a highly tender, beefier tasting roast, though you lose up to 10 percent in weight in evaporation and trimming.

    Leave the roast on a rack in a dish, over something to absorb the drips. Aging's beneficial effects are noticeable after 2 days, CI said, up to 5 days.

    I trimmed the dried sections off and used the scraps for stock.

    In the end, I wasn't sure the extra fuss was worth the extra flavor, at least in the standing rib roast, which is quite tender to begin with. But the result was an exemplary roast.

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