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    I am a recent high school grad, and i have considering culinary school for over a year. I have looked at a lot of schools, their tuition, and courses and job placements, reviews, etc. I understand how hard the culinary field is and that the pay is not the best that the long hours of standing is hard. I have the prep talk covered, i know that this not glamorous or like anything on the food network or TV. 

    In this journey I am reading the book The Making of a Chef, and i have really come to want to go to the CIA in Greystone. Just one hitch, it isn't accredited by the AFC. Now why is it?

    And i live near an accredited culinary school-The Institute of Technology in Clovis. I have visited the college, took a tour and it is very nice, the teachers and staff are great. Tuition is average for an AOS degree 

    Should i go to the local one, save money and land a job locally? Or go to the CIA? I want to get my certifications from the AFC to further my education and job skills though. Is the CIA all this hype? Any advice would be appreciated  
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    It seems you have a pretty realistic understanding of what it to be expected, long hours, etc... but you didn't say if you had any restaurant experience or not. I wouldn't spend one freaking dime until I put in at least 3 months in the kitchen of a restaurant man. It all looks good on paper, but some people can't handle the pace.

    Even though you are realistic in your views of the industry, if you have no kitchen experience, I am 100% sure there is a HUGE difference between what you think kitchen work is, and what it actually is.

    The CIA is a great program but there are many factors to think about when considering culinary school. 

    How much will it cost?

    Out of that cost, how much will be through federal or student loans?

    If you have no experience, even after culinary school you will be starting at the very bottom of the totem pole in the kitchen, so that's something else to think about. If you are going to start at an entry position anyway, why waste x$ before getting kitchen experience.

    Another factor is your area, go around to locally owned and operated restaurants and talk to their chefs. Ask them their opinions, did they attend culinary school? If so, which program, and what did they think about it? Do they think it was a wise or unwise investment.. etc.....

    Every situation is a unique one, and it's a unique choice for that person, you just need to figure out what's right for you, and if it's worth the money. I still say, don't even visit another campus though until you put in at least 3 months of butt busting in a kitchen though.