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So I'm not sure if I should be posting here but Ive worked in a corporate kitchen for about 7 years and as Ive taken on new responsibilities Ive found that I really enjoy doing this. I also worked as a short order cook at a bar for a month but was let go because the bar went under(idk why they hired me). Eventually I hope to be a line cook, but I probably need restaurant experience first. Is there any position i should keep an eye out for that would help me work my way into a spot on the line or would i have to start out washing dishes. I have experience working the grill and frier and knkw how to make pan sauces etc (basic stuff) and am okay with all the basic cutting techniques (chopping, julienne, mincing etc). Sorry if this is the wrong place to post, im new to this site and just want some advise, thank you.

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