Advices/Help for keeping warm 200 dinner plates

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This is the reason you go out to the site and figure out whats needed to do this function efficiently. This is all part of the bid process, a 1000 person on premise catering in Vegas may cost $40 per person. The same function could cost $60 per person on a beach in Hawaii, just because of logistics. It's up to me as a caterer to accomplish the more difficult catering with a lot more staff, equipment and concern.....................ChefBillyB
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Thank You for your reply Pete.

Yes, I do know that I am facing quite a challenge.  The thing was that when I drew up the menu and invoice for this event, I have been told that they want a buffet style.  I sent the invoice in, and then I met with the organizers, about 10 days ago.  That is when they told me that they want the dinner seated, and the appetizers buffet style.

I totally agree with Pete......stop them then and there, telling them more staff will be needed, thus an order change.  If it were my gig  and for whatever reason I agreed to roll with the original price for different service, & I wanted the job next year....LET them know this year that the cost with the correct amount of servers would be xyz.   Years ago I'd eat the extra staff charges....bring in the guys I need to make it happen.

Plated service is just a pain when you're offsite. Buffet soooo much easier.
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Hello Shroomgirl,

Thank you for your reply and congratulations on your romantic and yummy Valentine' menu; it delights the senses, as well as the tastes!

You did emphasize a very important aspect: it is an yearly event and I want to keep the contract. So far I have 9 staff including me. I have to pull it off and not anyway but nicely and I think that I can do it. I have very good staff and I am determined.

Although you are right I am going to tell them that I brought more staff then I charged them for; they are going to see it anyway.

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They may not notice....seriously, they may not being paying attention to how many staff are actually there.
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