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I have been, for the past 14 years building a career in the pastry profession. I have done wholesale, country clubs, and hotels. 2 years ago I got married to a lady in the Military. Well we got relocated to an area of the country that doesn’t have a big demand for what imp experienced in and doesn’t have respectable wages. I took a job as a n instructor and have been doing that for a year now, but both her job and my job are so far from each other we are only able to see each other on the weekends, and the road has got really rocky. My lovely has just over 2 years to go till she can retire and she has agreed to go where ever the grass is greener for me. What do I do in the mean time, anybody have any suggestions.
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I'd take the 2 years and really focus and find what it is that you want to do with your career. Study and learn all that you can to be prepared for your turn. There is ALWAYS something new to learn in pastry...........weaknesses to strengthen.

Define you goals and learn everything you can to help you achieve them when it's your time.

Sometimes learning and growth happens in the most unlikely places. You don't have to be working in a baking job to learn things that relate to baking. For instance, great chefs need business sense, the ability to organize and work with others. You can learn everywhere. Take an art class.......etc...

You have a computor, there's a TON of info. you can find on every topic. Including info. from some very well respected chefs. Put aside a couple hours everyday to read and research on the net.

AND keep that marriage together! Many of us have jobs that limit the hours we have with our spouse. Your a newly wed still.......just give it time and practice every day at agreed to this from what you wrote. Be today what you want her to be when it's your turn!!

Believe it or not, many people would love to be in your situation. Use this time wisely as what it is (a time to grow)......for some reason this is what you've gotten.........maybe there's a reason, in the bigger picture of your life........
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Thanks Wendy, I really appreciate your suggestions.
I guess my big concern is that taking all this time of or even taking an entry level position will have a negative affect on for when we leave this area and move on. I also fear loosing love and passion for the daily grind that is so common to all of us in this industry. Getting some more education is probably the wisest direction to go in.
Again thank you

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