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Hello everyone! I'm new here as you probably guessed by the forum. I am no chef by trade and DEFINITELY not by skill. I have loved to cook my whole life but I've had the desire for a while now to learn more about food and drink (especially wine). I don't have a culinary arts education and have never even worked in a kitchen. So I'm pretty much a self taught cooking show kind of cook who wants to learn to cook like a professional. I've been thinking to apply for jobs working in a kitchen doing anything they need just to be in that environment. I would even work for free for a while in the hope that I could one day train under a professional chef. The problem is; I'm a student and my field of study is not culinary arts. Anyway my ultimate goal is to work in a kitchen and train under a pro. while going to school, which will still be at least four more years, and graduate with two educations. I have not ruled out working in the culinary arts field should I be fortunate enough that things work out this way, but at the same time I want to finish the education I started as I've really invested alot of time and money in it. If any of you here have done something like this or know someone who has your advice and or thoughts on the subject would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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Hello dionysus390 and welcome to Chef Talk! It sounds like you have a passion for cooking, and will find many like yourself here. Be sure to visit the Culinary Students' forum! You can also use the search button to find older conversations about your quest.

What kinds of cooking interest you? Pastry... bread... savory... ?

I enjoyed visiting your beautiful country for several weeks some years ago. It resembles Wisconsin, so I can see why so many Swedes came here long ago.

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