Advice on tomato aioli

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Hello culinary comrades, a quick introduction: this is my first post but have been scrolling the forums for awhile. I'm a line cook at a small plates restaurant in Madison, wi. I am in need of advice on how to get a full tomato flavor through a aioli. The aioli will be used on a roasted artichoke salad. The other elements of the dish have been worked out but Ive got a wall on how to approach the sauce. Poach tomatoes in oil? Infuse the oil? Purée roasted tomatoes and cheat the consistency with xantham gum(died a little typing that) but anyways if any of the chefs out there have some advice on this I'd been greatly obliged
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I think you best bet would be to dry in oven, make a paste/purée, and incorporate that into your aioli.

I've also had luck using house preserved tomatoes (canned heirloom cherry toms) in oil, and using the oil to make aioli. I called it tomayonnaise because I am awesome. It was really good. I don't know how just simply poaching tomatoes in oil would work (the preserved ones I used were months old) but you might try that too.
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