Advice on Tilting Skillet

Discussion in 'Cooking Equipment Reviews' started by raibeaux, Apr 1, 2015.

  1. raibeaux


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    Hello, all.

    Mulling around the idea of getting a tilting skillet.  Never used one, or really even seen one used.

    I notice they have SS bottoms...are they bad about sticking?

    I notice they all have large lids that cover the cooking pot.  How good is the seal from the lids?  Do they fit tight like a lid on a regular pot, or do they let steam escape?

    Any ideas on what these things can be used for?  I know the ads say just about everything, but wondering about what most people use them for. 

    One of the reasons I'm looking at them is I do a simmered dish that needs more area and capacity than a normal (large) pot.

    Any thoughts on brand?  I've seen Groen, Cleveland, Vulcan in catalogs.  Looks like the price is high regardless of the brand.
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    Retired Chef
    One of the best pieces of equipment in kitchen. Braise-Saute-Poach-Boil-Steam Just about anything. They are fantastic. The best one I have used is GROEN. Only thing You can't do is Roast. Great for even cooking and controllable temperature. I one time used it to deep fry it worked. They are all workhorses and rarely break down. They let a little steam out (they all have a top vent that you can open or close, And they are easy to c lean.

    You must have a drain on floor under them with a lip.
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    Find one with good standards and good price...very nice machine

    You can put oil and fry potatoes and everything else, or put water and boil pasta, all at big portions

    you can shield big pieces of meat and put them in the oven, or make a blanquette or a burginion, make crepes and omelettes, ratatouille, etc

    make besamel sauche or fried rice,bolognese or soup or broth

    whatever you like, i can speak all day about the uses of this machine!!!