Advice on pastry ovens for a small cafe

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Hello everyone,

I am in the process of opening a small cafe that will include a range of baked goods.
I'm looking for advice on which oven type or brand would suit best the type of baking I'm planning. 

The range of products will vary from:

muffins, cakes

tarts and pies

cookies and biscuits

I'm also looking at including croissants, brioches and sweet buns. Any advice on a small proofer would be great too :)

I am based in Spain, so any local advice would be excellent, although I'd love to hear everyones advice on oven types!

Thank you!
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I work in a small size bakery/cafe and we use a commercial double convection gas oven. Has total of 12 racks that hold 1 full sheet pan each. I wish we had purchased one with the option of turning off the convection fans. (It was used). Sometimes the fans are too strong for certain baked goods. Other than not having that option, the ovens work great. I would talk to other bakeries in your area.

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