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    Hi All,
    My children have a ton of food allergies which leads me to have to make everything from scratch. I just killed my second oven which my hub and repaired already but if you can believe it, the burner melted... I mean it's a stove... It is meant for fire... How the heck does it melt to the base??!! Anyway, my kitchen is not set up to support a true commercial oven with the vent and sprinklers, but I need something that is built to last!! We went through the same thing with our dishwasher; we went throu 3 of the bc I do 3-4 loads a day. We got the Miele professional for the home and it works awesome! I am looking for a stove/oven that could also take my overuse...and I don't totally care how it looks, at this point, I just need something that will last me!
    Thanks for your help and advice!!
    Sharon (the desperate mom)
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    @Sharonk325, I too have recently started a search for the perfect home stove/range.

    First off, welcome to ChefTalk!  This is great place for the Home Cook to connect with the Professional Chef.

    Do you have a budget, or is the sky the limit at this point?

    Gas or Electric? or how about a duel-fuel range?

    Drop in cooktop or one piece range?

    Is there room in the budget for any construction or is it as is-retro fit?
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    Other than a true restaurant range or oven as you already discounted, nothing. Consumer stuff today is crap. Even the overpriced "professional residential" ranges have their problems- along with a better than $6K price tag. There are several threads about the subject here. In my opinion, as long as you are happy with the way they work, you can buy a lot of regular residential ranges for that kind of money. Change it out every couple of years, at least you get a nice clean range each time. /img/vbsmilies/smilies/smile.gif  
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    It's hard to get a lot of feedback here on appliances. Most of us have ovens we've had for a long time--mine's from the 1980s and still running fine.  

    Oddly enough the place I see the most reviews of new cooking appliances is at  a technology news site. Often they're looking at high end products so it might be outside of your budget. Or mine. 

    Go to your local library and look up the Consumer Reports issues of the last year or two for home appliances too. They'll have a range of suggestions for different budgets. 

    But yes, in general, kitchen appliance quality has gone downhill strongly in the last 20 years. 
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    Hi Sharon. Something sounds amiss. Have you considered having the gas and waterline hookup etc checked? I have a built-in over the range microwave. When the micro dièd, I ordered a new one from home depot. To make a long story short,, i found a vent was never installed. When I used the oven, the smoke alarm kept going off. I cleaned and cleaned the oven, and dusted all around and under same.

    Brand names are not all that important to me. I've had the same appliances in former homes with no problems.

    See if you can purchase a warranty or
    homeowners' insurance policys. Tthat may or may not save you time on researching licensed contractors' licenses. Also, the former homeowner usually provides and pays for à similar policy for many appliances etc that break down w no fee for repair or replacement of same.

    Best of luck.
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