Advice on new cutting boards after new knife purchase (Boardsmith & poly?)

Discussion in 'Cooking Equipment Reviews' started by cxr341, Mar 30, 2015.

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    I'm now in the market for an investment in cutting boards after making an intial step into higher-end knives (Tojiro DP chef's and petty). I'm leaning toward a Boardsmith maple for the primary board (seems Boos reviews are getting worse about durability), but it seems most serious kitchen dwellers would recommend a second board for proteins, at least for chicken. A proper non-wood solution there has been much more difficult to find. I don't need to be OCD on a perfect solution, but if I'm going to get something, at least want it to be a good choice.

    Any recommendations for a protein cutting board in the rubber or poly area that will be reasonable to good knives and lot sliding all over the counter? The OXO boards seemed to be a good option, but there are often complaints about bowing and warping given the raised feet, and much marking with sharp knives on the hard surface. Anyone have a favorite board you've found (or other solution I haven't considered)? Thanks!