Advice on improving chicken recipe I've been doing

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Hi folks

First time on this forum hopefully this is the right place!

I'm looking for tips on improving a recipe I make for my girlfriend. She loves it but I feel like it's gotten a little stagnant and want to spruce it up a bit. I'm no chef by any stretch though so I don't really know where to begin.

Basically it's goat cheese stuffed chicken.

I start with a butterfly cut down the middle of a chicken breast and stuff it with a mix of

Goat cheese
Sour cream
Cream cheese
Squeezed lemon juice

I stuff it into the butterfly cut I make and cook in oven at 450 for about 20 mins.

I used to do Panko breading but I stopped because she mentioned she prefers non breaded for better health reasons.

Usually pair with a side of perogies and some kind of green vegetables.

Any advice would be great because I want to cook for tomorrow and want it to be perfect.

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Chop up sundried tomatos and omit the cheese except for the goat cheese. Mix into cheese the toamtos and also spinach is a great accompaniment too. Have fun cheers from vancouver island
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The cheese mixture could use a little oomph.  Stir in some freshly chopped herbs like parsley, dill, and chives, and a bit of grated parmesan.  Season the chicken with dried herbs like oregano, rosemary, thyme, or sage before you grill it.  For a better lemony flavor grate in some lemon zest instead of lemon juice.  
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I agree with others with the additions of herbs, sundried tomatoes, etc. The wonderful thing about such a recipe is it is very versatile. Personally I don't think I would add sour cream due to the moisture content. I'd stick with goat cheese which has just as much sharpness but is slightly drier. You could also switch it up with farmers cheese if you have it in your grocer. Depending on which flavor profiles you are going for you might choose your cheese accordingly. For instance, if you were to target a flavor such as mushroom duxelles you might go with the milder farmers cheese so the mushroom flavor isn't overtaken by the sharpness.

In any event beware of moisture. If you were to add spinach to your mix you should saute it (or even microwave it) to wilt and press out the excess moisture with some paper towels.

For a slightly different take on your same setup, you might consider moving towards a roulade. The approach is similar, you butterfly the breast but you want to butterfly it fully open. Then lightly stamp out the meat to an even thickness. Place your stuffing on the breast and tightly roll it up. You can then tie it with butchers twine. Here's a version I did on the grill with farmers cheese and kale:

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If she likes spicy food use just cream cheese and add chopped and sauteed hot peppers. Could do a brush of Franks hot sauce and butter on the outside too!
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all the posts above me seem really nice.

But for something completely different but similar.

Get some nice Corn tortillas. Wrap them in a couple of cloth napkins and microwave 30 seconds just before serving.

Boil(do a chicken broth) or grill the chicken breasts, chicken thighs will do wonderfully too(chorizo too). Mince them afterwards(I like to add a bit of sesame oil and lemon juice mixed into the chicken)

Crumble the goat cheese or get some nice queso fresco(cotija is perfect too)

Make some guac or simply sliced avocados will do.

Diced fresh tomato or grilled.

chopped coriander.

diced onions.

Grilled corn would be great too, here some lime cotija cheese and chili powder go a long way (you can cheat if you have gas burners)

Alternatively roasted coliflower is gooood.

Lemon wedges.

Serve everything separately and have a go at making some tacos.

Easy, healthy and nice every once in a while.

As for your original recipe it sounds fine but ill agree that the goat cheese is more than enough.

Mix it with some basil and sun-dried tomatoes and you have a winner right there.

Or you could stuff some chiles with the chicken and goat cheese?

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86 the breast.  Debone some thighs.   stuff and meatglue them together.  Get you a skillet  hot and fast to get color on each side, then oven for a few minutes.

If you must stick with breast which is dry and blah flavorwise,  brine it
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I make mini-CordonBleu with thighs and they come out very good.  Debone, trim off skin and pound them out then season, stuff them and roll in cling and refrigerate for an hour.  Bring them to room temp remove from cling and cook till just done.  I like to make a cracklins with the skins and use as a garnish.  
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I like breast just fine.  It's not my super favorite but it gives me an excuse for a nice butter sauce.  Y'all chill.

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