Advice on Getting Started as Personal Chef

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    I am interested in becoming a personal chef. I am located in Montana and am looking to start this to supplement my income then to grow it to be full time income. I currently work the line of a quality restaurant and am used to fast paced environment. I am wondering what I need to do to be covered. Do I need to be licensed and insured? I plan to do the cooking in their home or onsite for small parties. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Any ideas of rates I should charge would be helpful as well. Thanks!
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    You can set up your own little buisness as a party organizer although you will probably need a few more people to help you organize the parties and carry the food in or trasport it to the houses,a friend of mine runs her own little cupcake buisness from home and she makes them whenever someone wants them for like parties or just for general treats, she has a facebook page to get some customers and generally the internet social media is a very good things to use these days especially Youtube :), you could make a channel and a few cool videos demonstrating your cooking and advertising that you will cool food for their parties and you could also make little things on the side like cookies, cakes or anyhting else you might want to while you wait for other people in your area to hire you, these things take time though, even my friend is still slowly selling cupcakes.

    As for rates, well... i wouldn't charge too much right now as people honestly can't afford what some people charge (which is like £50 - £70) i would reccomend finding ingredients as cheap as you can get, then before you ask for a price look for all the things you will need and their prices, generally keep a list of prices of all the ingredients that you may use so then you can easily refear to it and then buy whatever you may need to buy to make the food from the lngredients, add it all up then work out what you may need to charge but generally you would need to charge quite a bit more than what they do coast in order to gain a bit of profit, most party cooks ask the people to buy the food and ingredients themselves first though as generally there isn't much profit in getting money from the people then spending it on the ingredients.
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