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First time poster, I look forward to an active future on the forums.

I'm not too sure how much information I should include in this request for advice.  I am moving from Chicago, IL to Lansing, MI.  Ultimately my goal is to be a culinary arts instructor.  I have 10 years of experience. I was educated as an apprentice in Germany.  Currently I am a Line Cook at a Michelin 1 Star, Forbes 5 star, restaurant in Chicago, before I was Chef de Cuisine at a Wine Spectator "Best of" restaurant in a small town.

The advice I am seeking is

1. What jobs I need to be looking for?

Ideally, I would desire a Sous Chef or Head Chef position with greater responsibility and room to implicate my own methods and culinary philosophy.  The difficulty lies in the availability of positions, that my current title is Cook, and that I have only 2 years managerial experience.

2. What will move me closer to qualifying as an educator?

Should I pursue a teaching certificate now? What are some qualifications that are necessary before one begins teaching?

Any suggestions as to the positions i should be pursuing, and actions to be taken in order to achieve them, would be sincerely appreciated.
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Just an update. I have an interview tomorrow as a Sorority House Chef.  This is the first I've heard that this was an actual job, so I don't know what to expect.  I know from the search function that others on this forum have done this.  How much experience did you have starting out, and did it help you advance in the professional job market?
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For me, I've never done it, however, my Father put himself through University of California Berkley as a cook for a sorority in the early  1930s and I'll GUARANTEE he had no experience in the culinary arts!

He went on to graduate with a BS in Mechanical Engineering
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We have a no longer active member that had the exact same job, she had no professional experience going in. Try searching by username pastachef to see her posts.
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