Advice Needed For Choosing The Right Birthday Cake

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Hi, my daughter’s 1st birthday is coming up and I’m planning to order a personalised cake for her party. I have already found this cake online Dubai shop where I will get the cake from. But since this is the very first time that I’ll be getting a cake for my baby, I’m not quite sure of the things that I need to consider. Aside from the cake’s flavour and design, what else do I need to think about?
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You should think about how many guests you will have and if any one has an allergy to something in the cake.
Will it be all small children, all adults or a mix of both? All adults eat more cake than all children.
Because your daughter is only one year old, I would mention this to her doctor to be sure it's okay if she eats the cake. .
I don't have any children but I know they have different nutritional needs at different ages.
Peanut and other issues/allergies seem to be pretty common among young children.
Otherwise, flavor, design and number of guests should do it.
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