Advice for finding seasonal work

Joined Aug 22, 2016
Hey guys, some advice needed. I'm planning to find work abroad, most likely during the winter season at a ski resort somewhere in Europe. Has anyone done any kind of seasonal work before? And where is the best place to look? 
Joined Nov 11, 2012
I've been doing seasonal work for 18 years and I've been more than fine. I started out cooking at ski resorts and then moved to juggling ski resorts/golf courses year-round, then just moved to golf courses only since 2007. At the golf course, I work 10 months out of the year and make a decent wage that's better than most cooks make around here in Utarhd including ski resort jobs. I've been really happy with my job lately and it's pretty easy and I do have to cook my ass off here but people love my food so it's like the best cooking job ever, IMO...  
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