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I searched on the forum and couldnt find any thread relating to this:

I have been consulting for a small catering business and they/I are/am faced with a big problem: They dont have a Hood, and they cannot get a permission to build one (as the building is old etc). I wanted to take your advice on how to find an alternative solution for this problem, as there will be a grill,an industrial stove and pizza oven (that produces smoke).

Thank you!
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You local municipality will be able to provide the codes. I personally don't think you can have a grill anywhere without a hood. There are some tabletop commercial size convection oven that don't require a hood. Again, your local insp. will have that info.

Hate to say it but @chefbuba is probably right.


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Yeah, I know.  But this is a non starter.  No hood with a lot of smoke means no kitchen.  They just need to find another place.  It's catering so the location is not that important.
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Thanks for your feedback guys! I will consider moving. Also suggested to dump the oven idea all together, so there wont be smoke from the oven. Only from the stove top. (dumped the griddle as well)
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