advice choosing a pull down salamander grill

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Hi Folks,

Trying to choose a salamander for a brand new kitchen in a 100 cover bistro/gastropub, for gratinating, grilling fish fillets, making toast, finishing creme brulles etc..

Having trouble finding reviews/recommendations online, so I thought I'd ask if you folks could suggest any that are fantastic or to be avoided?

Gas or electric is fine - I don't want to pay loads extra just for it to automatically turn off (chefs can manage to turn it down/off : ) but pull up/down seems to be a really useful feature as opposed to fixed rails at different heights.

Thanks for any advice.

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I have a garland 8 burner stove with a salamander. The salamander has 3 positions, which occasionally comes in handy. We cook our steaks and melt cheese with it basically. They are prone to breakage every few years. I can be quite rough with it in the heat of battle. It takes some time to learn to cook steak with one.

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