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    Hello.  My name is Kit and I wanted to post here and see if I could get some advice or suggestions regarding a current endeavor.  I am  working on a small business idea and am curious on how much to charge for the service.  For one client, the service would include and combination of three tasks.  The first would be menu planning. The second would be shopping; this includes not only the food for their menu items but also all their other shopping like personal items, staple foods, prescriptions, etc.  The third task would be going into their home one afternoon a week and prepping out all the food needed for their meals.  This would typically be 16 to 20 servings as well as a large garden salad for the week with homemade salad dressings and a sweet treat: cookies, brownies, etc. This can also be scaled to smaller portions for couples or singles.  In trial runs I estimate about 6-7 hours per client. As a reference, which may help when giving advice on how much to charge, the city I live in is about 138,000 people with an average income of $55-60,000.         .

    Also another question I had was about charging a client for food you are only going to be using a portion of.  For example, I need 3 tablespoons of coconut milk for a recipe.  Do I charge for the whole can and freeze the rest and try to use it in other recipes?  Do I use what I need and throw the rest, making the client pay for the whole can?   

    Thanks everyone in advance.  I look forward to your replies.