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any advice and/or opinions are greatly appreciated. A little background to start. I've been working in the restaurant business for almost ten years doing everything from waiting bussing serving and in the kitchen and shortly here I'll be working in my first fine dining kitchen. I am currently a cook at a grassroots pizzeria where the kitchen is fast paced and scorching hot doing about 200 -250 orders a night and I am just wondering how different a fine dining kitchen is vs a pizzeria. I first started making pizza at 16 years old and now at age 26 I have learned everything there is know here and has now become second nature I guess my question is what will I be walking into working in a full scale restuarant? Again any advice or opinions are greatly appreciated thanks in advance cheers!
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The pizzeria routine is quite "Light" when it comes to complexity of cooking as you are often following at least half the time the same recipe over and over again. I don't know how much crowded and fine cousine alike is this new place you are going to work on, but there is definitely more pressure on each order even though is likely there will be less orders for shift. I used to work as waiter in this turkish restaurant some years ago and I often felt sorry for newbie cooks as they would have to work with a tic toc timing bomb on their heads pressured to excel on very different dishes as soon as possible as they could not be tutored for too long. I don't mean that to demotivate you but is likely that you will have this kind of pressure to deconstruct this second nature you got as it may not help you THAT much here (but, as I said, I don't know what it will be in your new job, depends on what you are supposed to cook)
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Welcome to Cheftalk JMelo89.

Firstly, I commend you on your new adventure.

Depending on how your pizzeria "line" was set up, in that there were multiple 1/8th pans filled with pizza toppings, you can now use this information where you'll be going.

Many of the same ideas that you used in the pizza place will also aid you in the new place.

Be mindful that you might be overwhelmed at first and you will be taking in some new and exciting cooking techniques, that you will need to learn in order to survive.

Depending on the nature of this new place, you may find yourself in the salad department (Garde Manger) making all things cold.

The Chef will be keeping an eye on you and watching you carry out your daily routine. He will look at your sanitation and hygiene, he will look at your knife skills, your organization, your planning, etc..... 

Depending on how your work, utilize time, and are clean, you might be allowed to expand and move up the ladder at this new place.

"Steaks and chops do not fine dining make...."

May I ask what you mean by "fine dining?"

The term is often times misunderstood.

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