Advance Prep Question-Rose' Cream Sauce

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I have a recipe with the following ingredients which I would like to make 1 day in advance. Do you think it will hold up being refrigerated and re-heated?

Olive oil-garlic-tomatoes-basil-parsley-wine-chicken broth--lobster/shrimp stock-heavy cream.

I also include parmigiano cheese at the last minute which I can hold till I reheat the next day.
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Hard to say without seeing the actual recipe, but cream sauces with no binder can be difficult to reheat without breaking. Could add the cream on the reheat.
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Thank you Chef,

I appreciate your sound advise. You confirmed what I had planned on doing. I'm doing a trial run today & tomorrow.

Simple recipe with approximate measurements for 4-5 people

Saute garlic(4 cloves) add tomatoes(italian pear 12 oz chopped) basil (1/2c), parsley(1/2c) & red pepper flakes(1/4 + t), s&p -add wine cook off some- then add chicken broth & lobster/shrimp stock(1/3c each) - simmer. (will stop here add the rest onsite)

Add cream bring to a boil - reduce & simmer till thick..stir in parmigiano 

I serve with linguini and use as a base for various additions.
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Just a thought but an old trick I learned years ago for holding and reheating a hollandaise sauce was to add sour cream to the mixture.  Wonder if that would work with the cream sauce ???
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