Adult beverages for the Fall ?

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Summer is almost over and I'm almost out of Tequila. So, any recommendations on great Fall drinks, beverages, concoctions, libations, ..., y'know?

What's popular where you are ?

from the Bayou ...


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Hot chocolate and whisky? Or creme de menthe?

Spiked cider? Mulled wine?


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Hard Cider is a great one for fall, or for any time of the year. Also, as it starts to get colder, later in fall, I love hot spiced cider. It is also time to start drinking darker beers again: bocks, dopplebocks, porters, stouts, rauchbier, fuller ales such as Scotch Ales. God! I love the fall!!
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I always liked to drink a sparkling hard apple cider from Chaddsford Winery in Pennsylvania. Then there's Beaujlais Nouveau to look forward to right after Thanksgiving. Last year, the bartender I knew was working on an apple and cinnamon drink I don't remember him coming up with anything but I thought his idea would appeal to lots of folks. Although I appreciated it all year round, I always thought brandy was a nice drink during crisp autumn days and nights. And now that the months have Rs in them again, oysters and champagne.

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