Adjusting creme brulee recipe?

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Hi. i need to make creme brulee for 5. I have the 1/2 cup dishes. But every recipe I find is for 4. It can be halved for 2, which is what I've done and it turns out beautifully.

But next week I need to make 5 dishes. I really don't want to make 6 and just toss out 1/2 cup. Can the recipe for 4 be stretched a little to make 5?

I was thinking of adding another 1/3 cup milk and one egg yolk, would that work? This is the Grand Marnier creme brulee.

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creme brulee may be scaled directly, just do the math and round off. Or double, throw the leftover mix in the cooler, and when everyones gone and your ramekins are clean go ahead and cook a couple more for you ;). Mix will hold great for days provided its been properly handled.
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the best is to work with recipes which are written in metric, as it is easy to divide and multiply them, or use a % ratio. like following recipe of CB which is made for 1 liter.
sugar 80 gr
water 100 ml
milk 500 ml
sugar 60 gr
vanila powder 20 gr
egg yolk 60 gr
heavy cream 400 ml

1 liter of volume gives you 5 large portions [200 ml] or 6 smaller portions [150 ml]however all depends on your container.

use a weighing scale, recipes are much more accurate.


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Thanks, but I really only need to make 5, I don't want an extra. This is for a dinner at a vacation home and we're leaving the following morning for a 500 mile drive home.

Will an extra 1/3 cup milk and an egg yolk work? maybe a spoonful of sugar too?
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as i said do the math-can be scaled up or down directly no problem. i don't know your recipe but it shouldn't matter. FWIW i use 8yolks, 4oz sugar, 1qt mfg cream. Therefore 1 yolk will bind 4oz(.5C) cream with .5oz sugar(1T) tossed into the mix.
hth, danny
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Why not do it the scottish way? make smaller portions and don't increase anything.... :lips:
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An extra is good. Two extras even better. You can eat them after you get rid of the pesky guests....a nice coffee, a brandy, the extra creme burlee, then a good is good after all...
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The original question was posed in 2004 - I suspect the decision of what to do was made a LONG time ago!:bounce:
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not necessarily.....they could still be at the beach house figuring it all out, 5 years later.

did not seem like rocket science.....if you look at 10 different recipes from different sources they will probably differ in proportions....alittle more milk, cream or 1/2 and 1/2, alittle less sugar, some egg yolks with the whole eggs....

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