Adding more water when making broth / stock using pressure cooker

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    I read few recipes for making broth or stock using pressure cooker.

    If I add more water, do I need to add more cooking time? 

    For example, a recipe like this:

    - 1/2 kg of chicken wings

    - 1 onion

    - 1 leek

    - 8 garlic cloves

    - 3 star anise

    - 2 liter water

    - 30 minutes pressure cooking, start the timer after the high pressure reached

    Now, I want to make for 3 liter water, for more person.

    Do you think that I must add more pressure cooking time? 

    I think I must add half more portions for other ingredients as well:

    - 3/4 kg of chicken wings

    - 1,5 onion

    - 1,5 leek

    - 12 garlic cloves

    - 4,5 star anise

    - 3 liter water

    But, is it then the same 30 minutes or .... 45 minutes?
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    You should add the extra ingredients for the extra water. While the stock will take somewhat longer, your cooking time at pressure remains the same. The extra time comes from bringing the extra volume of ingredients and water up to temperature. 

    You'll also want to verify that this all doesn't go over the maximum fill line in your pressure cooker.