adding colour to white chocolate


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I am for the first time thinking of adding some red colour in my white chocolate. I want a brilliant colour and am not sure what product to use so I can avoid the chocolate from seizing up. The technique I plan to use is, to put the colour down first, then spread the chocolate over the top, chill it, then form it.
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Try adding powdered color to dissolved cocoa butter. There are also oil-based colors. I've never used them, but they are made for coloring chocolate.
Joined Mar 6, 2001 makes the colors already emlusified in cocoa butter (I find that easy to use and you can air brush with them). You can buy them thru many gourmet sources, I get mine thru classic gourmet. You pop them in the micro then use, very easy. There's also oil based colors, that work in chocolate.

Your method is important and correct. Apply the color to the exterior, then pour the bulk chocolate over it.

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