Adding a poolish to your bread recipe.

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I was really happy with the outcome of my focaccia when I added a 2-day old poolish. I am trying to finalize my recipe but am confused as to whether I have to increase the % of salt,oil and sugar since the addition of the poolish increases the flour and water percentage in the recipe. Like if my recipe states 2% salt and flour at 100%, would the addition of a poolish(again, depending on how much I used)mean that I would have to increase the salt to compensate for the added flour and water in the poolish or preferment? Does this make sense?
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Yeah, it does make sense,but I'm stumped as to how to even figure the weight and percentage of the poolish in the dough. But take a look at this...Craig Ponsford's web site There's a page in there with info about how to figure in stuff like that. Also some very interesting pictures.

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Thanks bighat. That does explain things a bit but I will have to sit down and put on my thinking cap to deal with all the math.


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You don't need a baker but a mathematician to help you figure that one out

Unless you add the polish flour water yeast to the bread ingredients recalculating the % according to the new weight. Just a thought. But I am sure it could not be that simple.

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