ACP: Accelarated Cooking Products

Discussion in 'Professional Chefs' started by left4bread, Sep 15, 2017.

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    That's what Amana calls them.
    I'm sure you've seen these things at Star$$$ and places like that. They use microwaves, radiant heat, and fans to quick cook foods.
    I've worked with one of them at I place I cooked at for a short time. I went in scoffing at the idea of this stupid microwave on the line, but at the end I really came to rely on it for many applications.

    Has anyone worked with these machines in a large seating place? We're looking to cut ticket times (up to 40 minutes at peak times currently, ouch!). Menu is typical brew pub fare. Nachos, hot sandwiches, enchiladas, etc.
    We're thinking about putting one on both hot and cold side, but really it's the nachos that are a big seller and kind of an issue (9z chips, 12z cheese, plus toppings). Currently nachos go in the slow oven for a bit and then into the cheese-melter. ~10 minutes. I'd bet 5-7 minutes could be cut from that using an "ACP".
    The issue I'm wrestling with is , what happens when half of the 20 top orders nachos?
    The answer is obvious, you start throwing them in the oven, but I'm just curious if anyone has experience using these machines in a large scale operation, what issues they may have run into, and how they solved them. Generally.

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    I worked with one once at a pizzeria style chain. They are helpful with just about anything. At the restaurant it was used for the bread twists. It cut the cooking time by half. During lunch it was fast paced and dinner was busier. I didn't run into any issues but then again I was only there for 3 weeks.