Acidic Mousse Issues PLEASE HELP!

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I've been having major problems getting my fruit mousse to set properly. But only the cassis and raspberry, I'm assuming because of their acidity levels.

The recipe is simple, and we use it because it has a high ratio of fruit puree, offering a brilliant color for the end result. it is:

1 kg. puree

760 g. whipped cream

200 g. sugar

8 each, bronze gelatin sheets.

The end result sets well, but within five hours liquid oozes around the bottom, like water but the color of the fruit puree.

I am being careful not to add the gelatin when the puree is too hot. I've tried substituting pear puree to balance the acidity. I've tried adding Xantham Gum. I've tried upping the amount of gelatin. I've tried using a different recipe entirely, an italian meringue mousse recipe, but it oozes as well.

I have a great recipe that incorporates yolks and has a higher ratio of cream to puree, there isn't much puree at all, in fact, and it sets perfectly but the color and flavor is too light for what I want for this petite gatteau.

Does anyone know what to do?? Has anyone encountered this??

Help would be greatly appreciated!!
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To me it sounds like a sugar problem not acid.

% of sugar in the puree?

where is your sugar going.

I'm thinking you might be experiencing some melting

when it hits the cold.

Just a thought

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