ACF - Do the levels matter? Is it needed for certification?

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So there is a lot of ACF in the archives here and I weeded through a lot of it without seeing any clear answers to a few questions:

1) Does the level of membership matter? I'm eligible for everything from Student to Professional Culinarian. I know it pertains to voting, which I don't really care about, but other than that does it matter at all?

2) I'm in a part-time culinary program which puts you through the CC examination at the end of their program. I want to do it on my own earlier since I've already got enough work experience to qualify and I'm trying to build up my resume. Do I need to join the ACF to do this? 

Thanks. Sorry if this has been addressed earlier, there was so much in the archives it was hard to weed through. I've looked at their web site also, and it's somewhat helpful, but there's a lot more advertising than information on there to be honest. 
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You do not need to be a member to get certification, but they charge less.  Call and talk to them.  See what your options are.


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My advice is if you are in the business and have been working for quite a bit in one place then forget about the CC and go straight to CSC or even CEC.

IMO the CC does not differentiate you enough from the rest of the entry level culinary workers.  It basically says you have completed culinary school.
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Thanks. I'm pretty sure when I checked I was eligible for CSC. I wasn't sure if they'd make me do the CC first.
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