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I was wondering how you all feel about getting certified through a.c.f.? One of my bosses has suggested I go through the process and get a sous chef certification...My question is, is it worth the money and the effort in the long run? My banquet chef mocks me because I think it would be a great challenge for me, and she tends to think chefs do it to simply inflate their own ego. Thoughts?


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:rolleyes: If you want to work at a Hotel or Country Club. It's the now thing to do is to be certified by ACF because they are run by General Managers not the owners. And they want you to have a "Kitchen Bible" with all your "recipes, formulas and preparation procedures" written down so when you get your Sous Chef trained he or she can take over and work cheaper. Then you need a "head hunter" to find you another position.
The Executive Chef today is just a figure head until they can find someone to work cheaper.(" welcome to the culinary arts of today"):thumb:
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Getting certified by the ACF irrespective of where you work now is definiately worth it. Membership and testing costs next to nothing.
Personally I'd do it just to annoy the shite out of your banquet Chef. :lol:
The one thing that often gets over looked in getting certified is that your references are verified. That may not seem important to you now. Ten years down the road when you really want to be an certified exec the places you worked for may no longer exists or the people there may have no record of you.
The bottom line is that if you can get certified there is not a single reason not to.
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