"AccuSharp® Knife Sharpener"?

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I finally visited a different restaurant supply store. They only had one knife sharpener in the $10.00 range, the AccuSharp. I know there has been talk of a different inexpensive knife sharpeners and whet stones here before.

I am specifically looking for information from anyone here who has personal experience with the AccuSharp Knife Sharpener.

Reviews at epinions.com seem favorable.

I am concerned that in the long run, this would hurt blade due to pulling too much metal off as mentioned here.

Here is a picture of the AccuSharp in question:

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I have a funny for you. I recently went to a yard sale and found a knife sharpener that looked like a set of rabbit ears, (an antennae for a TV.) I placed it on top of my computer and told my 33 year old daughter it was an antennae for the computer. Kelly Bundy style, she believed me!
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We need more Kelly Bundy girls. I miss 'em! Girls are so different now--even the airheads! The Kellys were so pleasant. :D
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Ditto for Kelly Bundy girls. What or Who are they??

You're so bad, Pastachef! LOL


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Kelly Bundy girls? Hope it's not something like the "Dust Bunnies" in another forum!

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What are Kelly Bundy girls...hmmm...I'll never tell. LOL! Just kidding. My daughter is a very beautiful blond with an extremely sweet and friendly personality. She's so innocently naive, she believes anything you tell her. She also would do anything for anyone, so I'm very proud of her for her warm heart and the fact that she's so giving.
Kelly Bundy is the blond on 'Married With Children.'
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