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About the Bakers percentage, should i apply this before buying ingredients or after buying the ingredients needed for a specific recipe? If both is allowed, among the two, which is more convenient to do?
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I am not sure if I understand the question.
The bakers percentage gives you the amount of ingredient needed, relative to each other.
So you just know how much you require of each ingredient.
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If you apply it before you buy, it could possibly save you from buying more than you need and winding up with unused leftover ingredients, if that matters.
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Also, the light bulb just went on as I refilled my coffee, if you apply it before buying it would help on the flip side as well in that it would help to insure that you didn't short change any ingredients when buying and wind up with not enough of an ingredient.
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bakers percentage is a very useful tool, especially when testing a new recipe or stretching out ingredients. Scaling down large recipes into a small test batch, or using up an ingredient that you don't quite have enough for a full batch. Very easy to scale down the rest of the formula.

To hopefully answer your question I find it better to have a desire yield, and recipe scaled accordingly, and then purchase ingredients if need be.

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