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Hey guys its time for me to buy some new shoes for the kitchen and I wanted to know if anyone had experience with these shoes. They look pretty nice but ive never ordered shoes online so I was a little unsure of myself.
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Hubby and I have cooking clogs by Birkenstock that we love. Definitely not cheap but they feel great even after a whole day of cooking. Cooking catalogues carry clogs that can actually be washed in the dishwasher (once the insoles are removed).

I'm always leery of buying shoes mail order and generally order them in 3 sizes to make sure ONE of the choices fits me. I do this planning to return 2 pairs. A pain in the @ss, yes, but worth it to make sure I don't have to re-order then wait for the proper size to come.

Given they have to be worn all day and your feet are just as important as your hands to all-day-cooking, it's best to have a professional measure your feet with a Brannoch device and get fitted properly in the store.
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For me,

Nothing tops my dansko clogs,

The best support and comfort I have ever worn in a kitchen.
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I've been thinking about getting some clogs, but I'm just wondering whether clogs can be counted as unsafe for working the line, because I don't want to get a pair and then have my manager say that I can't wear them because of the safety rules. Right now i'm wearing my old Dr. Martens boots and they are pretty good for being non slip.
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I find that a good pair of Nike running or cross training shoes is wonderful in a kitchen.

They're light, and make me bounce around the kitchen... Sometimes I feel as if I am literally flying through the air in a mad dash to the cooler, avoiding the dishwasher with his stack of plates by back flipping off the wall and landing with a crouching tiger hidden dragon onto the expo line, then leaping across the prep table I do a double Mount Fugi twist , fold space and appear into the cooler...


I had a hard time with the back flipping in clogs...


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Danskos are the bomb. IMO, they're the longest lasting and the most comfortable. The sole are non-slip which is a plus. You can get them with the closed heel.

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I've had Danskos for years, and absolutely swore by them. But just recently, I've had some low back problems, and when I switched from the Danskos to a more flat shoe, the problems went away. I think I'm going into withdrawal from my clogs - not only were they (up til now) the most comfortable shoe I ever wore, but they also made me taller!:D
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well, I haven't been abe to find clogs, because I dont get enough time that coincides with my dads in order to get to toronto (brantford doesnt have any) but I find that the canadian issue military boots are great if their tread is good. They are designed to hold under most any kind of terrain. A bit pricey, but dey do da job. And are comfortable
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I went on the Shoes for Crews website the other day and they had shoes like the Dansko clogs but made by them for about 1/2 the price. All the shoes said they were great slip-resistant but said nothing about the uppers being oil and water resistant so I emailed customer support and asked if they were both oil and water resistant and they said yes.

Seems like a great deal -- not sure if the quality is the same but definitly worth the chance I think. Shoes are so expensive and if these are just cheaper because they're not "name-brand", it works for me.

Has anyone had any experience with these?

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I think everybody has their favorites. This might be old fashioned, but my old chefs used to change out shoes daily, sometimes within the day. I would suggest more than one pair for full time work.
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I wear the Shoes for Crews clogs (that look like the Dansko). They are incredibly comfortable, once you get used to the altitude adjustment.... they have quite a sole/heel. The 'non-slip' properties are amazing. So much so, that my company requires their use exclusively for all employees. And they wear like iron at a great price.
(And, no, I am not getting paid for the endorsement ;) )

When I am off-site, I wear Doc Marten boots.... great anti-slip properties with plenty of ankle support. A bit more expensive than Shoes for Crews, however.
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I was hoping someone had some input about the shoesforcrews clogs cuz I like the way they look. So I bought a pair. I wore Birkenstocks for a long time and then one day said, that's enough. But that shoesforcrews web site I found to be a real pain to navigate. Little box pops up wanting your username and password, but you don't get that till you place an order. don't get it.


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After listening to you all discuss Dansko clogs I went out and bought a pair this weekend. I have always wanted to try out clogs in the kitchen but have never bought a pair, but after listening to all the testimonials from everyone, I thought I would try them out. Unfortunately, I have inherited my father's back and foot problems, and have compounded them while I was in high school, by being a wrestler, and running 1 1/2 miles everyday before practice in wrestling shoes (absolutely no sole or support). I have worn boots for years (combat boots when younger, and then when older and needed some more support, Sears Diehards and Sears Lites. They are no longer cutting it, so time to try something new.
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ok, this may sound silly, but here goes..

I got the "dansko like" clogs from shoes for crews and i like them a lot, BUT (there is always a but, right :) ) they fit funny. I had the hardest time getting my feet into the d*mn things(took me like 10 minutes - no lie!) and then once I did, they were a little loose -- my heel comes out a little when i walk. I am thinking of getting a 1/2 size smaller, but I'm afraid I'll never get my foot in the shoe. Is it just because they're leather and i need to break them in a little more? Did anyone else have this problem? Am I losing my mind?

Other than that "little" problem, i love them. The non-slip is awesome - haven't slipped once in them, as compared to my other shoes where I usually come close to braking my neck at least three times a night!

If anyone has any suggestions,---please help.


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I ordered those same shoes from another company and before they shipped them out they actually called me and convinced me to not buy that particular brand!!! They said they are having huge problems with them, something like a 90% return rate! They said they just fall apart, quick.
I have a pair of Kingston Mcnight clogs that I love and a pair of Birks that are great too, I tried Dansko but they just will not fit me, I think a lot of people have that problem and they do not make wide sizes which is a shame becasue they look great. Try the KM's.
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I dunno, guys, I wear a size 5 double wide (bunion surgery and years of barefoot martial arts - I truly am a hobbit!!), and love my danskos. Don't know about the fakes. They are a little hard to get into at first, but as you said, they'll stretch as they're leather. Try getting one of those shoe stretchers, or if you have a shoemaker near you, they can stretch them out on the machines they have.

The heels are supposed to be a little loose. My only complaint about them is that I can't 'feel' the ground, and I've almost turned my ankle a couple of times but other than that, they're great!
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I also have a wide foot, and the Dansko's fit like a glove, they breath and stretch.

My only fear is having one fall off as i'm hitting the breaks in my car on the Merit parkway.

BTW....Iv'e heard really good things about shoes for crews.
a couple guys I work with called the toll free number, gave their delivery address and S.S # and 4 days they we're on their feet.

Tey seem happy, and at an average price of $45 it's something to think about.

My Dansko's on sale where over $100 (but I love them;) )
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I just can't wear clogs -- lord know I've tried -- but I fall off of them. The last shoes I used were plain old Rockport lace-ups: they felt great even after 10 house on my feet. The only (!) problem was that the soles were NOT slip-resistant. Jeez, finding good work shoes is harder than finding a job!!

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