about a bouillon!

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Hello eveyrbody, i hope ua re ok, kind regards from Lima, Perú.

Well i have a question, i have learnt how to prepare stocks, but i have learnd how to do a bouillon, it says it must be clear, very clear, inlcusively if u put an spoon into the bol u should see the spoon, even if u dont clarified the bouillon, Could u help me? or could u tell me in whta book can i get a good recipe for the bouillon?
Other question , to mark a stock, why should i begin since cold water, will it last more time and the flavor will be better?? the cold water has any property in the stock? thanksm if u can tell em whta book is good for reading, please tell me
thanks again


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I learned this of an old chinese chef, it is the best clearing tecnique I have ever seen.

Egg Shells and ICE makes a beautiful cap and will clear out all the impurities, his consume was as clear as a window.

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Gus, the reason to start with cold water -- and to bring the stock up to a boil gently but NEVER EVER actually let it boil -- is to prevent the particles of protein and other impurities from breaking loose and making the stock cloudy and ugly. In other words, if you start cold and keep the cooking gentle, you have a head start on clear stock, and will have much less work to do when you clarify it for consommé or bouillon.

There is no question on where to look for help on bouillon: the master himself, Escoffier. I'll bet even short versions of his classic guide will have the instructions you're looking for.
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