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My step-mother-in-law just sent me a book full of recipes that have meaning for my husband and his family. It was amazing to get this as a gift, because traditions are so important to me, and now there is time before Christmas to make some of the recipes!

Included are the shortbread recipe Nathaniel brought to class in 3rd grade when they talked about heritage

The secret peanut butter fudge recipe (written down for the first time) passed from his grandfather from his grandfather, etc.

His Grandma's potato soup and German hot cakes recipes

All of these recipes (there are many more) might not contain meaning within themselves, but as a whole constitute memories and a heritage.

Just wanted to share. And for those of you with grown children, consider this gift as an idea!

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There's no name... it was made by my step-mother-in-law as well. She collected and reprinted the recipes, and included pictures of my husband as a baby until now.

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My step-father was a very reserved man, but he gave me a gift that I always interpreted as meaning that he loved me. It was his mothers recipe file. After he gave it to me, I had time to cook a lot of his childhood favorites for him (she had noted these on the cards). It was doubly special to me because she was the only grandmother I ever knew and she was such a great lady. These family recipes are so special.

I'm hoping my son and daughter-in-law will think they are treasures, like I do.

Love ~ Debbie
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Shimmer this is a very precious gift!!! You brought tears in my eyes.

I love to look at my grandma's recipe book . I love to touch the stains that her book has and to smell it.

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Beautiful gift, Shimmer. I have collected my mom's recipes and have loved being able to make the recipes from my grandmother and mom.

So many of them have never been written down.


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I made a recipe file for my sister in law a few years ago, with my favourite recipes and some I thought she would enjoy. She was so happy.

Gifts you make yourself are so precious.

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