A whitewine/mushroom sauce

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So i got home this evening and did the good old lets see whats in the kitchen to make a meal with. Finding a chicken breast and a portabello mushroom amoungst other things as i did not want to spend too long in the kitchen this even i panfried the breast. While the panfired breast rested, in the same pan i sauted a shallot a garlic clove and the mushrooms deglazed with some white wine and then added some creme fraiche. Now the combination turned out pleasent but it was 1 of those sauces that u think is nice but quickly forget. Since this sauce is very easy to make and handy when time is an issue i would love to get some tips on how to improve it from pleasent to awesome. If the questions are a little basic i apologise, finding my cooking legs again after a long hiatus

Firstly the white wine was just a bottle i had lying around, is there is particular white wine grape that is good for giving sauces a rich white wine flavour?

I feel that the mushroom flavour got a little lost, what could i do to enhance its flavour or should i use a differant variety?

Creme Fraiche is not something i have used alot infact i only had it as a friend mentioned to me putting a spoon of it in srambled eggs at the end tastes awesome (very true), in comparision to normal cream is there anything i should do differant than using normal cream for a sauce like this?

Thanks in advance for your advice.

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