A What If...


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What if you could have your favorite chef cook your home meals for a year, for free. You don't have to pay for it. Every meal, all year, snacks too. You don't get to watch, talk with or learn from him/her.

Could you stay out of your kitchen and cooking for that?

I like to think I could, but I suspect it would get to me in a few months. I guess I have to say, NO.

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Good question. My answer: only if something terrible happened to me so that I couldn't cook. :cry: And I'd rather not be in a situation like that. so, NO WAY. :D

Besides, how could I possibly pick one favorite chef? I mean, there's Cape Chef, and Kuan, and Greg, and Pete, and Momoreg, and MBrown, and Panini, and and and ... everyone else here! ;)
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I would have NO PROBLEMS with that. Heck, It would be like hitting the lottery!!!!!
Ya know I would even go for salmon,bagel and a smear left in the frig Sat. night so he or she could have Sunday mornings off.
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This is a great question....

But for me, I couldn't do it.

Perhaps for a week (like a vacation) but then I enjoy the kitchen to much.

The fact that I couldn't watch or learn from him/her also makes me lean to a big fat NO ;)


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I could have my favorite chef cook for me for a year (****, I cook everyday anyway), but I don't think I could stay out of the kitchen, it is just too much of a focal point to our families lives. It seems, no matter how small some of my kitchens have been, that everyone eventually ends up socializing in the kitchen.
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No way, couldn't do it - I love to watch people cook as much as I love cooking itself!


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My favourite chef happens to be Sara Moulton :D :D


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Ordinarily I would say I couldn't do it. Cooking (whether practicing it, watching it or talking about it) it too much a part of my being. However, I work at a cooking school so I could have my favorite chef cook at home and get my cooking fix at work :) :bounce:

It would be really hard to choose a chef though. Maybe Charlie Trotter.

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Would I have to wake the chef up to make my coffee at 5 am? He might as well feed the baby then, and let me sleep!:D
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Ok, so I'm the only one who would jump at this? What does that mean? Do I need help? a shrink?
If it's my favorite chef and I have all the confidense in the world that he or she will be clean and not poison me or serve items I don't like Man!!! I'd love to sit and enjoy and try to figure out just how,why and what he used to create it.
I ususally order this way in a restaurant where I trust the chef.
"just have him make something really nice for me"
I can get my cooking or baking fix elsewhere.
I'm still in for a year. Who's coming? I would prefer someone with a wide range who isn't locked into any one style.
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:blush: Oooooops! Sorry !

Well after serious thoughts and after remembering who I am - the re-carnation of Athenaeus of Naukratis , I say yes!
I'd love to experience that :)

So, it makes two of us, panini
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I think it would be very interesting to see what other outlets I funneled my personality through, if there was no cooking for a year.
I think I would go stir crazy for a while, but maybe after that I would become a more balanced individual!
God forbid if it means more time on the internet!
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Ok....Alice Waters it is. I can still run the market right? And I can still personal chef right? And um how would she find me to feed me....sounds like coolers in the car....hope she can make sushi.
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