A warm Welcome Chef

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Chef Mario,

A warm welcome to Cheftalk, you have inspired me in so many ways. One of your latest projects which was started I believe a year ago was the Mario Batali Foundation, can you please let us know what inspired you to get involved in creating this Foundation ?

You have a vast knowledge of music in your repetoire, which  piece of music is your favourite ?

Over the years you have tasted many dishes, but which dish do you enjoy the most when sitting down with your wife and boys ?

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us, Molto Grazie.
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Thanks for the welcome it is great to be here.

Hunger is still such a huge issue, even in the United States, and nutrition education is not readily available to young kids across the nation, or even the adults who teach their kids how to eat. One of the goals with the Mario Batali Foundation is to provide a structured nutrition education curriculum for kids, teens and adults, so that the knowledge can start young and continue to grow and be reinforced at home.
The Foundation also focuses on funding children’s literacy as well as Children’s disease research. 
As per your other questions, currently I love the new album by the National, and I love to eat anything that I’ve made with my family.
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