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    Hello to all the Experts and Masterchef here....

    I am a 24 yrs old male from INDIA. Ever since I was little I used to hang around in the kitchen with my mother and carefully observe each and every ingredients used in the dish she is making. Unlike other conservative Families where Males in the house do not work in the kitchen, my father, me and mom used to cook the dinner whenever we got chance.

    This is how I developed my liking towards Cooking, but I never seen it as profession until now. When I was studying for the final year of my degree, I realised what do I enjoy doing most?? and the answer was "COOKING"...

    Before you start judging me, let me tell you that I am just a kid who is fond of cooking and doesn't even know "P" of Professional Cooking. I am possessing just the basic skills of making Curry and doing rice things, identifying the ingredients (lol)...

    but i wanna convert my hobby as profession. I am very well aware of the competition in this field but I will work my A** off to be a professional Chef.

    A few questions are popping up r8 now in my Pan....

    1) Is my age going to be influential factor in this field? Am I late?

    2) I am into French and Italian Cuisine (R8 now Just Eating & not cooking), Where can I get professional training for this?

    3) Cud I expect any foreign Job? How shud I approach? Or shud go to Foreign Culinary School/college for that?? If yes then Which one?? And the Expenses?

    4) What is the expectation of the Salary??

    5) Is ther any facilities available in India for this?

    I know I m going too anxious but i dont know if i can do even 10% of what u all experts and Masterchef did I'll be very lucky to be a part of this industry..

    i am expecting some good Guidance 4m u all hope to see ur replies soon...

    Thank you.