a trip down memory lane

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So I had lunch with a friend today.. met up with another friend for daquiris and then we went for a stroll down Locke Street.  I used to work at a cafe on Locke street and I've not been on the street since my last shift at the cafe and that was over  two years ago.  My son was diagnosed with a brain tumor around the time I left the cafe and alot of the merchants on the street have kept in touch just to see how he is doing.  Things have changed since I was last on the street..

The cafe is still there and it had a rocky start with the new owner (as I suspected it would) but now things seem to be on track.  They have a good FOH manager so when he's on things go smoothly.. when he isn't on apparently the service is very lax. 

I popped in to places that I remembered from when I worked there just to say hello and thank them for their support when my son was so sick.  It is a tight knit community and I was a part of it for a couple of years.  I managed to get invited to a get together and I think I 'll  go.  It's all former cafe customers who have kept in touch with each other and it would be nice to see them again.  I doubt I'm going to stay long but I'd love to pop by and say hi so I think I'll make an appearance. 

I left the street with a good feeling.  It's nice to see that people care and remember the little things in life.   While the street is far different than it was when I worked there... some of my favourite places are gone... there are some awesome shops there inlcuding a cheese shop that I must try so I will be back and I won't leave it so long this time.
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Thank you for sharing those memories. My, you certainly have faced so much in the past few years,  you are real trooper and you inspire so many of us here to keep positive and to realize that within each one of us there is a strength we all can draw from no matter what adversity we may face.

Your load has been very heavy..........stay strong my friend. Please let your son know that we all say hello.

Its one day at time......


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Memory lane is a wonderfull time and place. What a great story ....good for you to keep in touch with the people who care the most. It sounds like you have a pretty good support system which is so key in life.

Yes commen ground for all of us is the "little things in life." We just have to recognize when to appreciate them, when they come along...you are an inspiration Leeniak ...keep up keepin up what you are all about!

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Thanks Petals and Gypsy.  My son is the miracle man of the 3F clinic at MUMC.  His tumor presented like an aggressive cancer but was in fact benign.  Yes he has lasting health issues because of it but it's nothing we can't handle.  He was one of the lucky ones... many kids who were in at the same time as him did not have such a happy ending to their story and are angels now.  My heart breaks for their families. 

I do not wish what we had to face with him upon my worst enemy.. there are no words to describe the feelings that come when your child is faced with a life threatening illness.

One of my closest friends knows exactly how I feel.. her oldest at the age of nineteen had kidney failure and had to undergo three years of dialysis before recieving a transplant this past January.  She is doing well.. working full time, catching up on life but as my friend says and I agree things are never the same, you just adapt and take that as your new "normal". 

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