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i was giving scrambled eggs a bit of thought today, as i worked in an industrial canteen with a not so good set up.

so, what alternative methods of cooking commercial quantities of scrambled eggs are there?:

1) pot/pan - not so much fun in an electric kitchen (heat/off/heat/off go the cooking elements)

2) steamer - not so hard in a gastronorm tray, just have to have a steamer/combi oven setup

3) microwave - a bit stop and start, and i dont really trust the things with this sort of a job (the one on-site was a little domestic model)

so these are really the ones i can think off that apply in such a setting. Have i missed anything? are there any alternatives?
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Flat top grill...
Hotel Pans set up as double boilers
Double Boilers
Induction or Gas burners in front of line
On sidewalks if you live near Pheonix...

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the problem with this, is that this sort of cooking is done on the fly. Within walking into a kitchen, i get about 5 minutes of introduction on the menu and get to it, while assessing the situation, including the performance of plant.

unfortunately, this can involve some trial and error. And it is this trial and error that is not endearing kitchens with electrical burners to me.
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depending on how many you expect to serve,bring a few of these with you--http://www.softwareandstuff.com/h_misc_portbutanstv.html They're cheap,efficient and you will be ready to go.I don't like surprises,and would prefer to know I'm equipped.t

These I get from sysco--just the first picture I could find andthe pricing is comparable.
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