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I saw the last couple of weeks something being done on a food related website.

Somehow they they get chefs to do a Q&A with the community.
Last week it was Bourdain and today was Lidia bastinich (sp)

Questions were posted,checked to see if they were cool then posted in a seperate forum.

Then the guest would answer the question

I thought it was really cool and may be something we can try to do here at CT...
Any thoughts? Nicko..
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I think it's a great idea, and I'd be happy to help. I have a few connections to some of these people, and will be first in line to ask the questions, too!
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Let's get some bread bakers on line:

Steve Sullivan
Craig Kominiak
Peter Reinhart

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I think it's a more organized approach than a chat (although I have enjoyed the few chats that we did here), because there is time to weed through the questions. I think we might get some constructive converaations going.

That's a good idea...:)
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I concur. In a chat, questions are hurled out there, sometimes with little thought. In the approach you mention, Brad, this sounds productive and interesting.
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The Q&As that took place on eGullet can be seen here.

The Lidia Bastianich Q&A has not been moved there yet, but can be seen at the top of the main page at eGullet.com
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The Lidia Q&A was however a bit too structured. Not to disrespect Lidia in any way, but she only had time for 25 questions and gave more or less perfunctory answers.

The Shaun Hill (British Michelin starred chef) and of course the Bourdain Q&A were the best. Jeanne McManus of the Washington Post Food page was very generous but it wasn't really about cooking. Tom Valenti was not that forth-coming but put more effort into it than Lidia.
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Off topic I know, but once years ago the wine guy we used at this Italian restaurant where I was chef invited me, the owner and the manager to NYC for a day of dining. We went to about 6 different places, including Palio for Bellinis, and Dean and DeLuca's just to browse, got unbelievable service and food at Felidia's because the wine guy was a pally of hers, and wound up at Elaine's, sitting with Elaine her own self as Jackie Mason walked by. The two rubes I worked for had no real idea who she actually was. At three am, when they ordered another bottle of bubbly, I walked back to the wine guy's apt. It was January 14, and it was 60 degrees. think it was 1987 but it might have been 86. Anybody remember that wacky weather? Thing I remember about Felidia's was the farfalle with venison and the wall'o'grappa.
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I was talking to Nicko today and we were tossing a couple of ideas around,hopefully we can put together something really fun and educatinal..

Devatoy, Thanks for your interest

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