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    Hello all!

    I'm a home cook who recently - like so many others here - decided it was time to buy my first serious chef's knife. I've used Wustofs and Globals over the years, and preferred the Japanese style of the later. This lead to my search for a gyuto with a western handle.

    I found these forums and was pleasantly surprised at the vast wealth of knowledge which was shared so generously with all the members. After reading many threads which answered the same question as mine I decided to buy a MAC 9.5" gyuto from their Damacus range (I'm a real sucker for the aesthetics). I also picked up a ceramic honing rod in the hope that I can maintain the knife's razor edge.

    It is amazing! I'd just like to thank all those members (especially BDL, your MAC recommendation is spot on) who continuously make time to past on their superior knowledge, their advice, and their tips.