A talented young chef as a financial professional

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I am a 24 year old guy from Hungary who currently lives in the Netherlands, almost graduated from a top ranked university with a corporate finance and banking master degree. From the age 15 I dreamded to become a financial professional. Actually I am pretty close to achive my long term goal. I've already received a job in Amsterdam as a corporate finanace associate and could start in september with great future prospects.

I think you just asking what I am doing here.:) To be honest I am a little bit confused because my life changed dramatically in 2009 when happend to be selected from several thousand people to the MasterChef gastronomic TV show in Hungary. I don't know how but without any qualification or cooking experience I finished with the second place. I didn't won because I was too young and too ignorant about cooking. I had a nickname "Little Ramsay". Finaly we realized I am talent and has a great sence and passion about cooking. After the show some great restaurant offered me a chance to start as an intern and persuaded me to enroll for a culinary art program.

Beleive or not I refused each and every opportunity and continued my life as a prospective financial professional.

Everybody could be happy in my position but I still not confident with my thoughts. I don't know what happened but this cooking experience and being famous for a few month changed my life and inflame my passion about food.

Why did I say no? Because I was afraid. And that opportunity was totaly different from my original plans. I beleive everybody in Earth has a role to fulfil. I just don't know which is mine. I am lucky because I love two things to do. Dealing with numbers and food. Getting closer and closer to start my career still feel confused...

That was my life changing opportunity or just a test how determined I am about my profession? Is anybody know why is this? I am sure I will know the answer but I am curious what dou you think about this story...
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Well it's an interesting story and refreshingly, unlike most others that I have heard. Being afraid of the unknown is nothing new and making decisions that you'll regret later is some thing all of us do. If you value money then make it your priority, finance as a career is some thing that will give you financial independence, an unrealistic view of the world and an opportunity to make choices.

If you have choices then you are in an elite field so don't waste them. All this advice is fine but what makes you tick. If you like hands on, doing the cooking, prep, washing up and getting an ear full when you do it badly then perhaps cooking might work; but if you can't see through the pain and you can't work out how you will be able to start your own food dream on a cooks wages, then perhaps a career in finance is the stepping stone.

I started my career and aimed to be retired by the time I was 30. Retirement for me was never about living with out work (golf etc), retirement was getting myself into a position where I was able to do what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Yes money comes into it, but I am nearly 40 and I am living the dream.

Time will give you the answer, the decisions you make affect the rest of your life, so tread carefully and risk only what you are prepared to lose; In your case it's time.

Good luck
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An interesting problem....

Look, lets forget about the kitchen, cooking, and food for a bit and talk about what you kow (right now, anyway) best: Money.

Don't anser the question on-line, but what is your current financial status?  Money owing? Student loans?

What will a culinary school cost you?

What will your internship pay you?


A cook is judged by what they put on a plate.

A Chef is judged by if they run a profitable kitchen.

A good Chef MUST have sound financial knowledge, and also MUST be a competant cook.  Think of the head coach of any successful sports team, he  must have been a pro player at one time, maybe not a superstar, but definately a pro.

Can you see where you can fit in?
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