A sort of Jacques Pepin retrospective

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I have learned so much technique from Pepin over my lifetime. Starting when he came on board with Julia time back way back. His braised rabbit and morel is so delicious. I learned to debone a chicken, make an omelet, the list is way too long and I've probably forgotten some stuff along the way - LOL.
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Yeah I have found myself as I have gotten older going back and binge watching Jacques on PBS. Don't get me wrong, Iron Chef and Chopped were fun to watch, but there is something comforting in the intimacy that Jacques and of course Julia had on screen. To me it felt like I had a grandpa that was teaching me technique.. with appreciation for the classics.. old school chef school!
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My culinary hero. Not the smartest chef, not the most creative or original, not whatever, but so amazingly good at everything that he stands out in every field. If I see him do something and explain it, I know it will work. All my instincts that let me look at a recipe and think, "yes, that's good, but this bit doesn't make any sense at all," come from him. And when you want to learn a classical technique properly, like making a French classic omelet fines herbes, there's simply nobody better to teach it.

I spent many years as a teacher, and loved every aspect of it. And I can say with some professional competence that Pepin is an exceptional teacher -- not just because he knows his stuff, but because he understands how to meet his audience.

I've met him twice, very briefly, and it wasn't nearly enough.
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Jacques Pepin is a classic French chef. Everything I have watched him do is simple and done with care. His cooking shows are easy to follow. I still remember many techniques which I learned from watching his show.

There are some arrogant celebrity chefs out there and we all know who they are. Jacques Pepin is not one of them. His vast knowledge of food and his inexhaustible recipe storehouse are what make him so good at what he does. He sticks to the basics of cooking, which for people like me, makes things so easy to understand and learn from.

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