A simple recipe for a friend

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This is for a friend of mine who's life will change forever in May, yet still finds the time to paint Monet's "Water Lillies" for me on fondont.

24 ea. Shucked Wellfleet Oysters
2 Meyer Lemons
12 turns of milled black pepper
rough chopped french Tarragon
1 tablespoon fresh grated horseradish root
1# shaved ice
1 Bottle Kettle one from the freezer.


Take a huge glass, place the 1# of shaved ice in the glass, fill the glass with Kettle one

Squeeze some meyer lemon juice in the huge glass filled with kettle one.

Take the oysters, squeeze remaining meyer lemon juice on top.
Season with the milled black peppercorns, Tarragon and horseradish.

Give the oysters to a friend, and drink the kettle one:chef: :D


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LOL!!! I was thinking the same exact thing!! Though it is also hard to resist beautiful oysters.
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Cape Chef, you are the BEST! One day soon, I hope to share some oysters and Ketel One with you, my friend! YUM!:lips:
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