A rainbow of peppers

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My friend thinks I am pulling her leg because I told her that green bell peppers are immature colored ones. She's convinced that the peppers at market are fully mature. I am saddened by the fact (as I believe it) that green peppers have had their potential arrested because we pluck them before they reach their true colors. Who's right?

Incidently, both of us object to the taste of green bell peppers. Chiles are a complete other story.
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You are right Monpetitchoux. The only difference between a green pepper (actually a chile) and a colored one is time, water and sunshine. The ending color is a matter of genetics.

BTW, pepper is the little round spicy seeds that we grind up and shake on our food. What are known as sweet bell "peppers" are actually a variety of chile.
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You are both correct.

With approximately 200 cultivars of "bell peppers", there is a great variety of colors which come from ripening. Most turn colors which can be any of the following: red, yellow, purple, brown, golden, or orange when the peppers are allowed to ripen on the plant.

A cultivar called ""Permagreen" stays green. They can be found at a place called "Sand Hill Preservation Center" in Calamus, IA.
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