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Given all of the shows we have seen lately regarding cooking, competitions and big name involvement.......

Entertainment seems to be the driving force. Editing and scripting and a few other things have been mentioned and discussed as playing a heavy hand in that entertainment.

Looking through your own eye's, if you never had exposure on these shows, how would it differ from how things happen in what you've experienced? How does it all play out from what actually happens to what we see?

I mean absolutely no disrespect as well as this in no way takes away from your accomplishment as earning the honor of becoming a Top Chef Finalist. That was certainly earned and is not disputable. But how real are reality programs from your experience?

Thanks again for allowing us to spend time here with you.
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Yes, entertainment is the driving force behind many of these cooking shows. Unfortunately, negative attention is what people are craving.

My catering company is just over 8 years old, and it's grown steadily each year. It grew by word of mouth. Top Chef has exposed me and my company to millions more people, of whom most would have never known I existed. That being said, I still have to produce a quality product. Top Chef may have opened the door, but I have to keep it open and keep folks coming back because of good food and excellent service.

No disrespect or offense taken. The reality of the show is that the cheftestants are put in a pressure cooker and expected to perform/cook great meals in situations that are very unrealistic. I actually think it was a good thing. In the short term, YES, it was humiliating sometimes and I couldn't see past the forest for the trees. But after processing the entire experience, and in the LONG term, it was a great and rewarding experience. How often are we put into situations when we have to really stretch ourselves? This was certainly one such experience, and I definitely think I'm a better cook and person for it. I learned a great deal about myself. I learned how strong I am emotionally. I learned how to think VERY quickly on my feet (I really thought I had the McGyver thing in the bag prior to the show. Yeah, right!), and I have a clearer view of who I am as a cook. I mean, you're tested and asked EVERYday.

So how real are the reality shows? Ok, sometimes the editing falls far from the tree. However, if you "say it", they can "play it." Do you know what your voice really sounds like? Usually, when people hear their voices on a tape recorder the first thing they say is "Do I really sound like that?" Fast-forwarding to a reality show..."Do I really DO that"...Do I really ACT like that?" I have seen and heard folks from other shows defend their actions and turn right around and do the SAME thing as you're talking to them. Is it more about self awareness? I don't know, but I think it's a great and rare opportunity to look at the show and then within.

Sorry for the long reply.

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