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So...work is going great, really getting into the rhythm of the kitchen again (Never realised how much I missed it) and since I guess I'm doing such a good job I've been given a new responsibility and that is to prep all the herbs for evening service. The main three we use are Parsley, Chives, and Dill. My question is this:

As most of you are probably aware you really do not want the stems of the dill so I have to sit there and pull the dill leaves from the stems. We use A LOT of dill in the restaurant and it is taking me about 30 to 45 minutes to prepare just the dill (I know I'll get somewhat quicker after more time). Do any of you know a secret or better method for seperating the dill leaves from the stems other than manually picking it off by hand?

Drying them out is (of course) not an option, we use the freshest of everything in the restaurant.

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Sorry, Matt, but in this case the hands are IT. Don't worry, though, you'll get faster.

Have you tried the start-at-the-top-and-strip-down method? It's not perfect, you still get some of the smaller stems, but on the smallest branches it can be okay.

Just remember that you are being spoiled -- it is the greatest thing to work with top-quality, FRESH product, but not as widespread as one would wish. Keep enjoying it while you can!
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Try a wet rag. From the bottom of the stem work your up by pinching the stem with the rag. All the outer stems should be even enough that you can cut the leaves from the outer stems and, thats it!!
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it all depends on what you are doing with the herbs.

with thyme, just do the "top to bottom" method for pealing the leaves off. yes.. you will get some small stems but the yare perfectly edable and very tasty!!

what do you do with the left over stems? i like to use them and make an "herb stock". sometimes we will make a little simple syrup with some rosmerry herbs and add it to the herb stock and serve it...like tea. good stuff!
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